Gloqwi Today 6.12.10 - Cat. I'm a Copycat.

Posted by Gloqwi Saturday, June 12, 2010

[As of typing: Inazuma Eleven Episode 34]

Yeah, call me a copycat and getting on the rebranding train, but hey! I'm posting much more often than I used to and I think it's time to start a new. When I saw Joystiq and their new logo and how awesome their new design is, I just had to do it for myself as well. I decided to go font shopping and downloaded a huge collection of fonts to choose from.
While testing one of the fonts, I noticed that the actual font was so big so that when I tried typing Gloqwi in it, the only letters that would appear would be G L O. I didn't really think much of it, but then I thought, "a LOT of people misspell my Gamertag. I could even think about changing the site's name to GLO and it will work much better!" But then I thought that maybe changing the site's name was a bit too extreme, so I was thinking of a way to make GLO work. I then came up with the perfect acronym! Game Loving Otaku! It fit perfectly! It was like I subconsciously thought about this when I was made my Gamertag 3 years ago...
But I wanted to be even more Asian about it, so I just made it Gēmu. It also looks cooler that way. XD
I decided to make that my brand subtitle, and then I also found the PERFECT font for the new logo. And it is now what you see today. :P You could check out the old version of my logo, the new version, and the unused version, plus the Joystiq logo it's based of off in that little bitty picture there!


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