This, is definitley going to be the hardest review I've ever written.

Posted by Kaillif [Gloqwi] Ammen Friday, March 26, 2010

Heavy Rain is a different kind of game. I don't think I've ever played a game quite like it. Not even Indigo Prophecy is close to what this game is. That's the first challenge.

The second challenge is trying to play the game without spoiling anything. And even if I didn't want to spoil anything, the game is so personal that everyone will experience the game differently.

The third challenge is that the mechanics of the game outside of the story telling are very simple is that there isn't more than maybe two paragraphs to be written about them. You also can't talk about the mechanics without going into the story.

If I wanted to talk about my experience with the game and my opinion about the game, that would be easy. But trying to do that without spoiling anything, that is hard. The main statement I would like to say about Heavy Rain is that "Even if you and someone else who had played the game had made almost all the same choices, that game can play out VERY differently."

This review is going to be HARD to write...


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