My Year in Tweets: Part 1: April and the first half of May...

Posted by Anonymous Monday, January 4, 2010

Well, with the new year, I find it appropriate to do one of those "looking back at the past year" kind of posts (other than the one I did earlier). So I decided, I could recap with the year with my personal own stalker program, Twitter! Here are the highlights of my year, Twitter style!
 (italics are my explanation to the tweet)

First tweet on my new account that I actually got to work on my phone.
Curse u 40404

Yeah, I was on a Shonen Jump run during the time...

Currently reading more Shonen Jump...Naruto and...Yugioh GX(omg...standards have dropped and continue to slowly...) and such.

I was also a bit addicted to Yu-Gi-Oh...a bit too addicted...
Man, I wish I had a couple hundred bucks. One of the things I'd do with the money: Spec out my Yugioh deck, just in case the day ever comes

As the tweet says, an awesome day of my life not pertaining to video games almost at all. Actually, it was spent with these guys. Won't forget it. I also wish I could spend more time with the guys like that. They were really cool.

Best 6 hours of my life that didn't pertain to anything video gaming. Skating with Mo around the city was AWESOME!

I felt like getting back in the drawing buisness with all the manga reading/anime watching...

You know what? I'm not good with drawing origina characters. Fanart is my new temporary line of work now.

Yeah, I was still on a Yu-Gi-Oh stint, though...

Hehe. I just finished the first 20 volumes of YuGiOh GX. Go me!
Tonite confirmed it, im back into yugioh. Just finished a AIM-webcam duel and it was COO!
God, I forgot how cool these shows were. I wish I could be little again and watch the hell outta these. It's time to d-d-d-d-ddddddddduel!

It was a nice interaction I made one day waiting for my mother to pick me up, I can still remember it...

OMG! A nice woman just gave me a dollar so she could use my cellphone because she didnt have money for the payphone. I feel good!

Hahaha! I remember when I kicked Jacob's @$$ at Yu-Gi-Oh...good times, good times. He had really bad tactics as he had over hundreds of cards in his deck. Rule 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh: Keep the number of cards in your deck to a minimum in order to get the best cards into your hand easier. Simple logic, right?
My friend has the most ownage YUHIOH deck ive ever seen...and i still won! I bet he didnt put his heart in the cards.

Yeah, everyday Wednesday after school, I waited at the library for CCD (some weekly Catholic class for people that don't go to Catholic school), and I spent most of my time there reading Hunter X Hunter...

Almost finished with the first five volumes of Hunter X Hunter, and Watchmen just arrived in the mail!

And my response to Watchmen after reading it...

Just finished Watchmen.....holy shit....

A large night of tweets always seems to happen when a Pacquiao fight happens... I always seem to want the people on Facebook to know what is's exciting stuff! But the fight was a bit disappointing...

The Pacman fight begins! And here...we...go.
Wow. That was a more dissapointing attempt to fight back then Pac v. De La Hoya. 2 rounds? Your kidding, right? Nope. I saw it myself. Live.

I loved Scrubs. So I was sad to hear it was ending. Sadly, the time I was watching it was cut short because of something I have to go to (something I don't remember exactly).

Watching 'My Finale' now!

Yeah, it was kinda weird seeing the girls back from my old school at the library...
I just passed a bunch of girls from MCA in front of the library a few seconds ago. I think I creeped Reyna out like hell.

Still on the Yu-Gi-Oh stint, but I was enjoying the episodes! They were, as the tweet says, epic!

Just finished Yu-Gi-Oh GX ep. 164. Gettin' epic!

I downloaded a DS emulator just to download Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship. I felt pawaful. But I did hate taking care of my dog. Even though I hated my dog, it sucks that it passed on. R.I.P. Fozzy.

Goin home to play some more 'World Championship', watch thoe last 6 GX episodes, and take care of the dog.

Tweet explains all. It was pretty nice having people help us out on the street when they passed by. It

We just got a flat tire at the corner of Michigan Ave. It's good to know there are some human souls out there kind enough to help us out.


Second half of May and the rest coming soon!


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