The Freelancers comes at such a conincidential time...

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've was thinking about how to make my blog more known, probably because I just changed the face of my website to make it more unique (and to compete with a person's website who I just found). And as you may know, I also joined a workshop at this place called YouMedia about spreading video game culture (which basically connected me with other people that enjoy talking about video games and other things related). It was a very nice coincidence that a podcast that was about people getting their start in the industry of video game journalism.

The Freelancers podcast, hosted by Xav de Matos and Kyle Horner (from Joystiq Xbox and respectively) is a 'cast where they about how they got started in gaming journalism. They are currently on their second show, but they are expecting to get guest stars every week to talk about their experiences about how they got into the industry. I love this idea for a podcast because these people were the guys that helped me to start...

The thoughts they brought up that I strongly agree with is to 1. make a unique voice for yourself. No one's going to be interested in you if you have sound like everyone else and you cover everything that everybody else covers (which is why one of my favorite reviewers is Zero Punctuation. He presents his reviews differently, and he says comments on games that may be thought of as ignorant as first but once you look into what he said, is humorously true) if  and 2. don't write about news. There are sooo many video game blogs that cover the news that no one is going to go a small blog to find the news.

You can hear more of their thoughts and a little more of an inside look into the games industry here!


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