Rock Band 2.....a good idea?

Posted by Gloqwi Thursday, July 3, 2008

I didn't think very long after the announcement of Rock Band 2 to notice that it might not be the greatest idea. I mean, I'm all up for the cool instruments and being able to import downloaded song to Rock Band 2, but here are the reasons why I feel confused:

Another $170 kit? They haven't reported the price, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a heafty hunk of change, and I am NOT paying for those instruments all over again.

They promised Rock Band would be a platform, and that's pretty much what I thought with all the DLC coming. Rock Band should just keep on expanding, right?

These are some of my thoughts on the release of Rock Band 2. But pretty much what I'm saying is, I spent a LOT of money buying Rock Band, do I need to spend MORE money to play Rock Band 2? Just hope that they release some more news when they appear at E3 later this year. Comment and tell me what you think, guys.

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  1. mo Says:
  2. You got a good point dude. I would never by a whole new kit if i already had an expensive and fully functional one. I mean unless their going to introduce a new instrument (Accordion/harmonica combo anyone!?) it would be ridiculous to pay for the kit all over again. Even then you should be able to buy the new attachments seperately.


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