I've hated IGN ever since they gave GTA4 a 10, but it was probably a good thing since they started making me actually read reviews instead of just looking for a score. I hate the fact that review sites only live off by the population they receive from viewers. If sites started giving up review scores, no one would visit their site, even though it would make more sense. It would at least make people actually read reviews.

Now onto the real subject, IGN. Not only did he give GTA4 a masterful(a.k.a. PERFECT) 10 score, he also gave Metal Gear Solid 4 a perfect score. IGN gives a new meaning to handing out 10s left and right.

En quote by Hillary Goldstein: There is a reason why it's been a decade since we gave a ten(a little paraphrasing)(From The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to GTA4)

En quote by me: There is a reason why it's been about two months since IGN gave a ten(AKA, GTA4 to MGS4)

I would just like to say, that I have owned GTA4 for about 3 weeks now, and here's what I would like to complain about:

*Driving-I don't really care, everyone has their own opinion about it, just like to say that I'm not a big fan of realistic driving engines(mostly because I suck with them).
*Multiplayer-Maybe it's just for the PS3(I'm actually pretty sure it's because of the online being free) but I just find the multiplayer to be incredible boring, possibly because NO ONE HAS A HEADSET, HOLY CRAP!
*Overall way the missions are set up-I mean, I like the actiony, fun, gun fight parts of the game, but please, I do not like driving for about 5 minutes so I can get to that action or go look for a cab so I can just speed the crap up. I also don't like missions that don't inform you that it is actually impossible to kill a person until a cutscene or event occurs in the mission. I seriously used like 10 whole clips on this guy but my bullets don't seem to be doing anything until I reach a certain destination.
*GPS-not because it sucks, or anything, but it takes sooooo much away from learning the city. I think I have pretty much learned everything around Broker, but any other of the districts I just look at my radar to find out where I want to go.
*Crazy crap NOT in this game that I used as a reason to get the game-I mean, Helicopter and boating rides are as exciting as I thought they would be(in a positive way), but I was just sucked in to San Andreas when I drove planes and jetpacks. Now, you can't do that in GTA4.
*And last but not least, the square(PS3)/X(X360) and triangle/Y button-There are so many things I really would like Niko to do, jump up to cling a ladder about half a foot above him, be able to stand off ledges instead of automatically jump right of the ledge of a building into the street about 3 stories under him when he could just stand on the ledge and actually jump onto the other building, cling onto the ledge of a building so if my jump just isn't long enough, I could cling to the building like a person in real life would if he didn't want to fall 3 stories from the ground down. And trying to get onto ladders is a real pain as the triangle button is either unresponsive or Niko doesn't know where the ladder is, because sometimes, when I'm really high up a building and I want to climb a ladder, I don't want to press the triangle button and then watch Niko walk backwards to his death as if the ladder was getting closer to him.

And pretty much everything I didn't mention didn't bother me at all. There are a lot of things I would like to say about the game that I love, but that seems to be a waste of time as the only thing anyone cares about are the negatives(that, and I don't feel like typing EVERYTHING I like about the game, but just because I might be pushing people the wrong way, I love the story. I actually care about the people that I meet in the game).

The two things I love MOST about GTA4: Riding helicopters(with a tail or not), and getting hit by a choppers on a copter(doesn't kill you, but hey, sends you back flying for at least half a mile.

*phew....time to go to bed....and, um, sorry for the three week hiatus.

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  2. nice to see your back in th game.


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