High Score Session #2: The Redux

Posted by Gloqwi Sunday, May 18, 2008

After Didi introduced me back to Call of Duty 4, I started to get addicted to it more and more. At the same time I have also been getting my skill back. For most of my matches I got a K/D spread of +7 to +12. But my best game was my last game of the night.
And I also remember how it feels to get three challenges in one game. I don't know how I got hard landing though, I just shot this guy while he was in the entrance of the sewers.
Tango Down Kill every member of the enemy team (4-player mininum). 250
Hard Landing Kill an enemy in mid-air. 250
Extreme Cruelty Kill every member of the opposing team without dying. 250

That's it for today!


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