Why doesn't everyone calm down

Posted by Didi Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let's not go into the Savage vs. Amir fight soooo Ikaruga(one of the best Gamecube games EVER) was released on Xbox Live Marketplace yesterday. I played the trail and that game is crazy hard, well atleast for me. Fans boycott the Battlefield:Bad Company DLC because it's expensive, Variety Map Pack looks amazing, Legendary Map Pack in 5 days, and GTA IV is going to be amazing I HOPE!


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Umm, they aren't boycotting it because it's expensive, they're boycotting it because the have exclusive weapons in the Gold edition in the first place. Special editions should always have some extra content(documentaries, concept art, etc.), but they should never have exclusive weapons or anything that risks outbalancing. Though EA says it won't change any balance in game play, then what's the use of extra weapons? By the way, it has been confirmed by EA that they are going to be free to unlock in the game anyway, though I can't say so myself since I don't know all the details. The stories include things like advertising programs that you have to participate in to (supposedly) get the weapons. I don't know if that is completely true, but if it is, it might not end up being as free as they say.

  3. Huh.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Samba in the peanut shell, My house at dawn. Its gonna be a showdown.


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