This weeks winner is......Xbox 360.

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, April 6, 2008

By a very close call, the Xbox 360 one by a very small margin. Here are all the reasons.

The PS3.

Dualshock 3. (2/5)
Metal Gear Solid 4 Beta. (4/5)
Warhawk's 2nd Expansion pack. (3/5)
No DLC on the Store this week. (-1)
Home planned to come out this April. (3/5)

Now, Microsoft's side: The Xbox 360.

Halo 3 Heroic DLC turns free. (3/5)
CoD4 Map pack released. (5/5)
Forge filters. (1/5)
Lag issues for Xbox Live. (-1)
Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack announcement release date revealed. (4/5)


Very very close call. Well, that's it for Console War Fridays this week.

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