Posted by Savage Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kaillif I hate You much alot for editing My SONG!

In other news, Playstation HOME is planned to be launched this April. Initially it is totally free (unlike the XBOX 360 online) and you only need to download it (500 MB) You can customize your avatar, and you start out with a small "apartment". You can play arcade games, go bowling, or play pool with your friends, which methinks is free. For real money, however, you can purchase decorations for your house, clothes, and a larger house (although some clothes and decorations are free) You can voice and text chat with people while walking down the street or in the large central plaza. There is also a movie theater. You can also share games and multimedia with your buddies. Methinks this is the first step in having a world where nobody goes out of thier houses and thier family's life is entiely on a CONSOLE.

Top this off with the COD4 maps, Warhawk's price dropping ten dollars, a Warhawk expansion pack(thanks for your information Didi) , a Pixel Junk Monsters expansion (which, by the way, is an awesome game) and a FlOw bundle, APRIL ROCKS FOR THE PS3!!!!!!


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