I am serious. I'm not becoming a PS3 Fanboy!

Posted by Gloqwi Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ok. So, I went to my friend's house for some party, and I had quite an experience.

First, I tried playing the drums fo realz, and I have to say it actually kind of works! Maps works the best, of course, but Reptilia and Wave of Mutilation work too! I tried Dani California, the cymbals just didn't sound right though. 3's and 7's worked fine too!

Next, I played some Guitar Hero III(not going to talk about it) and Halo 3(I have officially lost all skill).

Finally, we went inside his uncle's room to play some PS3. I played two games.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Assassin's Creed

Now, I don't know if this is for all games, but why is there always this warning about something relating to the disk? I also noticed that there actually was a loading screen at the beggining of Assassin's Creed. Does it seriously take that long? I also noticed that the PS3 version usually gets a better frame rate, but quickly switches back to a slow frame rate(like the Xbox 360, except without the better frame rate bursts), which makes the game seem unstable.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma(the original Ninja Gaiden ported to the PS3) is also a fun game, but the level of difficulty is freaking deadly. I mean, I only died 3 times, but it is very easy to get yourself killed if you don't know what your doing(the three times I died, I did not know how to use the Flying Swallow). The only boss battle I had was a very, VERY hard battle. So if this is the first battle, I can't even believe what Alma is like. It is a fun game, but getting killed is tiring, as soon after the three times I died, by the time I got to the horsemen in the second level, all i did was die.

So, that's my party. I swear I'll be updating VGNO soon!


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