Gloqwi I am your FATHER!

Posted by Didi Saturday, April 12, 2008

Well if you haven't figured out already, Gloqwi has left this blog and went on to VGNO(whatever that stands for). I'm not sure if he left or if he just isn't going to write on this blog anymore. I was thinking he could just write the anime stuff there and stuff we(writers on THIS blog) would find interesting like video games news and so forth here. Hopefully he will take my suggestion. He mentioned on his other blog how you get a 4 month Bungie Pro subscription for free with the New Halo 3 maps. To bad HE WON'T GET THEM AND I WILL! I don't even plan on using the slots so whatever.
Now let me dedicate this video to my son who I hope is watching this right now. :(

1 Responses to Gloqwi I am your FATHER!

  1. Gloqwi Says:
  2. Completely right!


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