Jeez. Just blame it all on video games. She banned her children from Xbox Live after the XBL Vision camera showed some children something they might have not wanted to see. God. But this quote right here just makes me go mad.

And while Microsoft, the maker of X-Box, does give ways to deal with offensive players online, Jennifer says the damage to her children from this incident has already been done.

Did she just blame herself for this? I think she did.

Also, why do people think it's spelled X-Box? I mean, it's not that important at all. Just wanted to bring it up.

This quote also proves these people have no idea what they're talking about,

Thursday night while playing a game on X-Box Live, a video game that allows you to play against people anywhere in the world, they were exposed to nude pictures sent from someone on the other end.

*clears throat*. Ahem.


1 Responses to I bet I read the instruction manual more than the parents that buy their children consoles do.

  1. Didi Says:
  2. oh my god! freaking lucky kid. I wish I new the other person(better be a girl) that was sending those mysterious pics!


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