Well, I'm very excited to say that:


Ok, now that we've got that out of the way. Here's my first impressions look on SSBB.

First, I have to say, I might have been expecting a little too much from the graphics of this game, or it maybe because it wasn't presented on my TV, that I was expecting a little more because of all the screen shots I have seen. I can say that the graphics are much better than all of the other Wii Games I have seen.

Sadly, I did not play long enough to use the Final Smash as I was playing this on Best Buy, but I just have to say that I am happy with the two characters I played as, Ike and Sonic. Both of them have some very unique and awesome. Sonic has some very flexible and great recovery moves, as Ike has some very powerful standard and special moves. He's much slower than I expected though. Sonic is also hard for me to control, but I think that's because of the control schemes I used.

I used both the nunchuck and without the nunchuck control schemes with the Wiimote. I'm not very good with using the B button to attack with the Nunchuck option and I'm not very good with using the control stick to jump as I usually used the X and Y buttons to jump on the old Gamecube controller. I am, though, very good with using the scheme without the nunchuck. I actually think using this control scheme helped me use the recovery moves of Sonic a lot better then I think I would have with the Gamecube one as when I usually recover with the gamecube controller, I never use the B+(control stick tilt right), so that helped me a lot.

I love the music of the game. It really gets you into the action and it also let's you reminisce of good times(if your a Nintendo fan, at least). I love the music of the battle with Master Hand the best, though. I just remember loving the old Melee, and the track has many lines from music in Melee, so I found it to be quite enjoyable. Sadly, I was playing on Normal mode so it didn't last very long. I was on the verge of completing Very Hard mode but I didn't get to. Metal Samus just would not die.

So, all I did pretty much was go through Classic Mode one and half times and this is what I perceive of the game as of now. Can't wait until I actually get it though.


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