Carrying on where the beast left off

Posted by Didi Monday, March 3, 2008

Well after my friend left yesterday I decided to continue his hard difficulty mode and I actually got my own achievement. I've been crazy now at getting achievements everyday I get a new one, but my favorite one right now was Win the War in Call of Duty 4. I was like hell yeah because for me, the single-player took a while. After the credits I noticed there was an extra mission, which was the best thing out of the whole game for me. Your in a plane and you have to find a VIP but the VIP is held hostage so when you find him it goes slow-motion and you kill the guy that captures him. I shot him in the leg. Then you jump out of the plane. It was just awesome


  1. Gloqwi Says:
  2. Lolz. That is the only level I cannot beat on Veteran. Damn.

    Did you mean achievement in CoD4? Or DMC4?

  3. Gloqwi Says:
  4. Ahhh, never mind.


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