Yahloo! The GDC Choices Awards very unsuprising.

Posted by Gloqwi Friday, February 29, 2008

I already heard about the GotY award winner was Portal, but I didn't really watch the show. I just heard. But now that I have seen it, these games that I just heard about are winning awards. I've heard of Peggle before and I thought about getting Phase, and I've also heard about Everyday Shooter(is that one or two words?), but I never really knew anything about them. And now to see them nominated is very suprising to me. What also suprised me is that Flow got an award. I mean I knew about the game and I thought about getting it(a long time ago) but I just thought you just ran around as a...thing, and gobble littler things up until you got bigger. But it got an award. So it has to be worth more than that! Surprised I didn't see a CoD4 win. Not so suprised that BioShock and Portal were the big contenders there though. Also not very suprised that many Orange Box games were being nominated(because Valve is so special...). What also suprised me is that there was an award for games made by new developers.... and Crackdown won! I clapped for almost every nominee, even for the ones I didn't know. But that was exciting for a 30 minute breakdown by X-Play...

Now I am very embarrassed that I never knew that Sid Meier was an actual person, I just thought he was a name in titles...


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