Who new Kaillif was such a еmb4$$?

Posted by Didi Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yes I did rent Halo 3, and yes I am stuck on the campaign. But I did gain 1000 pionts for my gamescore. Well here it goes, my brother rented The Avatar and played it. I told him not to rent because I heard it sucked even with the easy achievements.

Gamertag- pdidi911
If you want to play with me send me a friend invite

EDIT:Who you callin a еmb4$$? You couldn't even embed the picture right. Don't worry. All done.

1 Responses to Who new Kaillif was such a еmb4$$?

  1. Savage Says:
  2. plz invite me!
    Kaillif i will be good.


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