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Posted by Savage Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 2 of probation. 11:o6 am.

Shut up about the fonts. I'll have you know I'll use what font I like.
This is my review for the upcoming PS3 action game XMB WARS.

8.9 out of 10. Great.

Awards: Superior Voice Acting
               Great Storyline
Superior Animation
Innovative Controls

Review: This long awaited PS3 action game is a must have for all PS3 owners. Created by Sony it is free, and comes built-in to the PS3. You only have to access your file data and install it. You start out as the Add a Friend icon. You need to make the long and treacherous journey to the Network Settings to change your IP address and destroy the Evil 1080 screen resolution. From relentlessley fighting other icons to changing your Parental Control settings, XMB wars never gets old, and is a fun and enthralling game through and through. 


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