i always keep on forgetting to tell.

Posted by Gloqwi Friday, February 8, 2008

I am done with Naruto.
After watching 89 epiodes in less than a week.
I am done.

Just finished 18 volumes and have been reading since last friday.


  1. Didi Says:
  2. You have to make a bog post about this!

    Ok today I start to get pretty freaking good on Rock Band with hard drumming. I actually play with some developers whihc was freaking awesome and I played tug of war against one developer. I FREAKING TIED!!!! Then I play tug of war on hard with some random guy and my life changed!!!! You won't believe! I BEAT HIM TWICE! So I look at my drums... and THERE IS A DENT ON THE YELLOW PAD!!!!! I was like NOOOOOOOOO! It works perfectly but I still have return my drum set to EA and the will give me a new drum set but it takes a while and my cousin comes tomorrow here so I'm screwed! I can't show him my amazing talent, but I can still get a chance to win stuff on Rock Band if I play online singing but singing get's a little boring. What a day!

  3. Gloqwi Says:
  4. You need to know that the devs aren't that good.

    Especially GH3 ones. I link a video soon.

    And I laugh at you being screwed with you drum set. I have a dent in mine too but it was like that from the packaging. Still works.


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