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Posted by Didi Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well I finally got time to make a post after all the crap I've been having to do. Here is my review for Herioc Map Pack for Halo 3.

First thing I have to say is... why couldn't you make it free?!?!?!? Ok now to the serious stuff. I really trully love it. The map design of each map is just awesome. Standoff and Rat's Nest are set up really well with the warthogs located at each spawn point in Rat's Nest and the bunkers and hills in Standoff. Now Foundry is a totally different map too. It is like an indoor arena but there are crates piled up and it can feel like a maze. Hey that rhymes with Haze. Nevermind. Each map also looks pretty sick like Bungie wasn't just throughing stuff out for us. They actually cared about us and took the time with it.

Overall I would say that they get a 9.5 from me. Only thing that held them back was that it wasn't free and the other problem I forgot to mention. It takes for ever for me to find a MATCH!


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