A Historic Day in History

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ok. So, yesterday I finally beat Sonic Rush for the DS, played some Wii Play and Mario Party 8 at my friend's house, and I was also frustrated by a select people.
But that's not important.

The important thing is that I did something I always imagined but knew would never happen... UNTIL NOW!

Ok, so while I was on the highway going to my friends house, I played some Sonic Rush. After I got carsick of it, I decided to open up pictochat. Then, I started imagining someone would actually join chat on the highway, after all, the chat radius is very small. So, I was looking up at the sky for a while, then I looked down and this is what it said:

Now entering A: Gloqwi
Now entering A: cody
Now leaving A: cody

Wait, who the hell is "cody"?

I was utterly surprised. I actually was seeing someone else in Pictochat that was in another car.
I started looking around outside the car window, trying to figure out where the hell this other guy was!!!
Then I looked back down and it said:

Now entering A: cody

I was madly surprised again, so I drew a big question mark and sent it to him. And this is how he replied.

*big question mark*
*the same question mark*

OMFG HE ACTUALLY RESPONDED!!!!! But alas, when I was in the middle of writing "ON THE ROAD?" He left chat. I think his car drove away. And I will miss him so. Jeez, I thought that could never be possible, have someone join Pictochat at the same time you are and be in the middle of a highway????/?//? The video game gods are calling me! After my first time reaching the top of a leaderboard, they send me a cryptic message!!!!

Or that was really coincidental. Either way, this encounter was AWESOME!!!!


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